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90240-Vico Ultra Sauna Electric Heater

90240-Vico Ultra Sauna Electric Heater

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After years of research Vico Products Mfg. Co., Inc. found it necessary to design a complete line of convection air flow Sauna Heaters to avoid the necessity of relying on a fan to keep air moving over the heating elements, to insure their longer life. The heaters are constructed of heavy gauge 300 series stainless steel throughout to prevent rust, corrosion, or burn-through from moisture and high temperatures. They are designed to enable you to spray as much water on the imported high density rocks as necessary to obtain the desired amount of steam. Excess water cannot run through the rocks to the heating elements and necessitate costly replacements. Traditionally, the Finnish people have thrown water on the hot rocks; among American users this is also the most popular way to use the SAUNA. However, a few people prefer hot dry air thus the ULTRA SAUNA unit is designed for dual purpose. VICO 90240 is wall model and is a used for 84-210 cu.ft. sauna room; 9KW;
  • Dimensions 16''W x 28 3/4''H x 14 3/4'' D
  • Includes 1 hour control and rocks
  • 9000 Watts
  • 1 Phase or 3 Phases
  • Room Size (Sq.Ft): 31.4 - 88
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