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HAR20ES Harvia Stove - Sauna Room Woodburning Heater

HAR20ES Harvia Stove - Sauna Room Woodburning Heater

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Woodburning Stoves have been enjoyed and cherished as an age-old tradition in Finnish sauna bathing culture for centuries. Now, you can replicate this authentic experience with a Harvia woodburning stove of your own. Ideal for saunas with no electrical access (such as an isolated cabin) you’ll soon discover the joys of this ingeniously well-constructed, handsome stove. This particular stove requires adaptor which converts metric pipe size to standard 6" pipe size.
  • Good for rooms 6' x 8' up to 8' x 10' with ceiling height 7' or 8'
  • Spacious stove compartment
  • 5 gal. water tank inside top front
  • Adaptor converting metric pipe size to standard 6" pipe size
  • Dimensions: 17"W x 24˝"H x 29"D
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