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Infrared Saunas, Fir Infrared Saunas, ETL Approved Infrared Saunas

Infrared Saunas and Health Users of Infrared Saunas report a variety of positive health effects : weight loss, pain management, skin improvements, detoxification and general stress reduction. With LuxExclusive Infrared Sauna you get the benefits of heat therapy for aches, pains and stiffness. Far Infrared Sauna heat increases circulation and oxygen flow, which reduces inflammation, treats pain of arthritis and reduces joint stiffness. Since Far Infrared Sauna heat does not heat the sauna room to high temperatures and works by having infrared heat waves penetrate the body, many people use their Infrared Saunas every day for relaxation and health.

Why a LuxExclusive Infrared Sauna? Over the last few years many new companies have appeared on the internet selling infrared saunas. Not all such companies or infrared saunas are “created equal”. LuxExclusive is a manufactured of many lines of Bathroom and Sauna products. LuxExclusive is an innovative leader in its field and not an “internet only” virtual company - it owns manufacturing facilities in Asia and has offices and warehouses in United States. LuxExclusive has been manufacturing traditional saunas for 5 years and all the years of sauna design and knowledge have been applied to the new premium Infrared Sauna line. These saunas not only start with best design but we also use the highest quality materials possible - the wood is the best available grade of Canadian Hemlock and all electrical components have the highest safety approval from ETL. LuxExclusive offers you the best of Infrared Saunas at a great price.

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Atlantic Sauna. 3 Person Cedar Carbon Sauna AT1312 78"L X 60"W X 30"H
Retail Price: $4,000.00
Our Price: $3,600.00
Atlantic Sauna. 4 Person Cedar Carbon Sauna AT1318 78"L X 78"W X 31"H
Retail Price: $4,160.00
Our Price: $3,744.00
Atlantic Sauna. 4 Person Cedar Cornr Carb Saun AT1320 78"L X 74"W X 31"H
Retail Price: $4,460.00
Our Price: $4,014.00
Atlantic Sauna. 6 Person Cedar Carbon Sauna AT1323 78"L X 78"W X 31"H
Retail Price: $5,060.00
Our Price: $4,554.00
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